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My review of Malcolm Brooks's debut novel PAINTED HORSES was in the Washington Post on August 21st. Read it HERE

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Two Horse Poems

Training the Rider: Advice For Less-Experienced Horses In dressage you should insist on correctness of the aids: precise motion of knees, seat, heels, hands. A schoolmaster horse of course may simply refuse to do anything unless the rider gets the aid right but for less-experienced horses I advise the “I’m confused” method of training, which is to do exactly what you wanted to do anyway and pretend it’s what you thought you were being asked for. mg 2009   The Novice Rider At Her First Horsemanship Clinic “Ride your eyes,” he says, which I ponder over and finally take to [...]

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Booklist review!

A quite nice review in the September 1st Booklist!  Published on-line and in print by the American Library Association, Booklist is one of a handful of publications reviewing books ahead of their release date--Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and Library Journal are among the others.  Libraries and booksellers rely on these early reviews in deciding whether and how many copies to buy. "Hollywood glamour has no place in the rough-and-tumble cowboy movies being churned out by studios in the late 1930s. That’s discovered by Bud Frazer, a young man from a ranching family looking to make his way as a stunt rider and, in [...]

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Malcolm, sleeping

As is the way with cats, he can fall asleep suddenly, anywhere. Here he is, having fallen asleep in the midst of cleaning his nether parts.

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One time from a blind watching sandhill cranes we spotted something not a bird saunter out from dark covert of blackberry canes, coyote all lean-legged and cocksure, then two more, stretching, yawning, shaking rain from their yellow eyes, their yellow-brown fur before setting off at an easy jog across the wheat stubble, wading plumes of fog. We watched them skirt the marsh, so negligent, ignoring the cranes and the goldeneye— stopping to smell old scat, examine bent stems of yarrow, crouch to satisfy an itch. Watching hard, we missed the moment their hunt began, the artful dodge, the sigh of [...]

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