Koko’s Boots

Koko had such sore feet, I didn’t ride her for more than two months. Now we’re riding every other day. Yay for SoftRide boots!

Iceland, at Thingvellir

Where the North Atlantic plate and the EuroAsian plate are separating. Once the site of Viking Parliament because the acoustics on the floor of the rift were excellent for oratory.

Riding in Iceland

Hoping Koko won’t feel I’m cheating on her with other Icelandic horses!

Signing Books in Denver

at the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Conference

Eastern Oregon Word Round-Up, Pendleton

With Bette Lynch Husted and Pamela Reese.


This pumpkin field is across the road from the pasture where we keep our horses. They are small pumpkins, for food I think, rather than jack-o-lanterns. They’re a month early this year, ready for harvest in mid-September.

Showdown and Russell

Barbara Scot and I share a small pasture and all the work that entails. Our mares are very bonded to each other, but Koko makes sure Showdown always remembers who is Boss.  Russell is a mini-mule who was rescued from a bad situation. He is lowest in the hierarchy but takes his honorary guard-stallion duties very seriously.