Falling From Horses

In 1938, nineteen-year-old ranch hand Bud Frazer sets out for Hollywood with his sights set on becoming a stunt rider in the movies–and hoping to rub shoulders with the great screen cowboys of his youth. On the long bus ride south, Bud meets Lily Shaw, a bold, outspoken young woman with her heart set on [...]

The Hearts of Horses

In the winter of 1917 many of the young ranch hands in this remote Eastern Oregon county have been called away to war. When 19-year-old Martha Lessen shows up at George Bliss's doorstep looking for work breaking horses, George glimpses beneath her showy rodeo costume a shy young woman with a serious knowledge of horses, and he hires her on.

The Jump-Off Creek

Lydia Bennett Sanderson is a hardship-honed widow homesteading in the backcountry of Oregon in 1895. Her neighbors are few: Tim and Blue are a couple of men trying to make a go of it on their small hardscrabble ranch. Evelyn Walker is a young, lonely wife rearing her children in daunting isolation. And a trio of rootless cowboys take up squatters rights in the mountains, and begins killing and baiting cattle to poison wolves for the bounty.

Wild Life

Charlotte Bridger Drummond is an outrageous early-twentieth century feminist, a cigar-smoking, trousered, bicycling, scandal-embracing mother of five sons who supports her household in the Columbia River town of Skamokawa, Washington, by writing adventure stories and scientific romances featuring intrepid girl heroes.

The Dazzle of Day

The Dusty Miller, an enormous ring-shaped biosphere towed by an immense solar sail, is coming to the end of its 175 year voyage in search of a better home. But the new world they've arrived at is cold and inhospitable; and the Miller's people have grown comfortable in their self-contained world, its rural shipboard society based on Quaker principles of governance by consensus.

Outside the Gates

Vren, a young boy who can communicate with animals, is exiled to the forest where the Shadowed people live, and begins a new life with another outcast, Rusche, a fatherly man who can control the local weather. When Rusche disappears, Vren and his wolf friend Trim set out in search of him; and together with an old woman, Shel, they embark on a dangerous and exhausting journey.