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Vren, a young boy who can communicate with animals, is exiled to the forest where the Shadowed people live, and begins a new life with another outcast, Rusche, a fatherly man who can control the local weather. When Rusche disappears, Vren and his wolf friend Trim set out in search of him; and together with an old woman, Shel, they embark on a dangerous and exhausting journey. When they discover that a spellbinder holds Rusche and other outcasts in thrall, it seems that even Vren cannot resist the spellbinder. But in the end his love for Rusche helps him find a way to free them all from the spellbinder’s grip.

“Thought-provoking and satisfying.” —Booklist

“This is superior fantasy.” —Kirkus Reviews

Atheneum, 1986

Yikes, out of print for decades, but a few copies are floating around.

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